The year is 2086 the world has recovered from the Neo Soviet Union attacks in the 2020’s due to the help of a mysterious organization known only as The Reactor Corporation. The world governments have recovered to an extent, the US is fractured into three governmental sections, one controlled by the seemingly benevolent GGP, The others are the New United States and the New Confederate Union. The GGP controls Africa and most of Asia. The Neo Soviet Union now controls all of old Europe and parts of what was once Mongolia and India, and Pakistan. Oil ran out in the mid to late 2020’s which is what sparked the Third Great War. The Reactor Corporation appeared 45 years ago with a device that could clean up the nuclear radiation left over from the nuclear strikes of the war, as well as a new time of clean free energy that they would use to construct new cities in the devastated areas. These new cites are refereed to as Metroplexes. the United states has10 of such Massive cities, these cities are huge and encompass most of the former states the cities reside in, the Largest is the New Kansas Metroplex which envelopes most of what used to be Kansas. This is also the current hub of activity in GGP primary headquarters and largest of the known reactor sites this city requires three of these clean reactors to power it.

Breaking the Wall

DarkPredator Qoorl