Breaking the Wall

The strugle begins

The Story begins with our Band members rocking it out at an Anti GGP rally where Savage Paradise is the front runner of this venue during the middle of one of their songs the lights die out and when they come back up a mysterious creature is destroying the stage. Nobody is hurt and the GGP more or less tell them ‘they saw nothing’. During the next few weeks more blackouts as well as whats being refereed to as Lightning Zeppelins appear over the reactor towers. On the night of the biggest anti GGP rally the city has had the Zeppelins appear in full view of the public, a semi organic multi eyed floating thing. and subsequently the three towers go critical due to some strange power draw, afterwards more of the strange creatures appear and begin destroying the cities, before the reactors detonate destroying the city. and killing about 90% of the cities population. The surviving members are quarantined due to two factors that crop up. Either they start growing tumors or exhibit odd abilities.


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